What is Facebook Advertising? You Need to Know everything

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Did you know that 1.6 billion people are connected to a small business on Facebook?

Facebook is a valuable platform for you to connect with prospects, help them get to know your business, and turn them into customers. With Facebook advertising, you can reach more people interested in your business and help them discover your products or services.

On this page, we’ll answer your burning questions about Facebook advertising, including:

  • What is Facebook advertising?
  • Why run Facebook marketing ads?
  • How do I launch Facebook ads?
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What is Facebook advertising?

Facebook Advertising is a marketing method that enables you to show tailored promotions to your audience to get them to buy your products or use your services and increase the engagement on your particular platform. These promotions are stylized to fit your unique brand and attract qualified leads to your business/brand.

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Facebook ads are paid ads that appear in users’ newsfeeds and the right column on desktops. These ads look like a post from a Facebook user allowing them to blend in with other content posts in a users’ feed. When someone are scrolling his newsfeed then he/she saw the sponsored ads on his newsfeed and then they click on it. And go through it on your landing page.

You can also see promotional ads based on social actions your friends take, too. For example, if one of your friends likes a page, you may see a promotional ad from that page with a tag that states who liked the page.

Why run Facebook marketing ads?

Now that we’ve answered, “what is Facebook advertising?” it’s time to answer the next most common question: Why run ads on Facebook?

Here are five reasons you want to use Facebook ad marketing for your business:

1. You have access to a large audience pool

One of the most significant benefits of running Facebook ads for your business. Because Facebook has 5B+ downloads and approx. 2B+ monthly users. So, make it POSSIBLE. there’s a good chance you’ll reach people looking for your products or services.

2. People spend time on social media

When you invest in marketing for your business/startup, you want to use strategies that enable you to reach people interested in what you offer. at this time period 75% people of total population are spend our time on social media.

For Facebook, the the people are spend their time social media and 40 minutes in a day people scrolling Facebook.

Since people spend their time browsing through their feeds on this platform, it’s an excellent opportunity for you to reach them by launching Facebook marketing ads.

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