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L-Commerce Startup
Zypp Electric
Oswal Publication - RecoilLife
Witz-tech - Recoillife
RecoilLife- BJP Hariyana client
Amazon Canada- Recoillife
tech Software - RecoilLife
Rosewood Publication-1-1-Copy
Software technologies - RecoilLife
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Content Creation

WIRELESS CACHING: The wireless network must provide fast and reliable connectivity while copying with the on going growth. Content caching is a promising approach to enhancing bandwidth utilization and minimizing delivery delay for new-generation Internet applications.
In this paper, we propose a cooperative caching replacement and efficiency optimization scheme for IP-based wireless networks.


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RecoilLife - Esamudaay

Anoop Pai

Founder at Esamudaay
RecoilLife has worked diligently to learn our business and has been successful and continuously upgrading search engine optimization results. Their passion for getting results shows.
Thank you RecoilLife for providing best of best services and thanks to all team, your market research, analysis, strategy and honesty make me happy.
Zypp Electric

Zypp Electric

E-vehicle Manufacturer
Oswal Publication - RecoilLife

Oswal Publication

Books Publication
RecoilLife did a great job building our Business Promotional site & working with us to overcome the many of the obstacles that we faced on our end to get the site up and running.