Political Campaign

Political Advertising Strategy, Creative, and Media.

We have lots of experience in the political campaign domain, we worked with BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party), INC (Indian National Congress), and SP (Samajwadi Party).


RECOILLIFE has extensive experience in designing Online Political Campaigns for Political Parties and Political Leaders, irrespective of their political ideology.

Video Production

We make Creative Posts and Videos to put across the right message, make Digital Marketing Strategy for the Political Campaigns and run it across all the Social Media Platforms and Google Search Engine.

Ground Research & Surveys

we are a group of dedicated professionals who bring to your research about the position of your party in Loksabha or Vidhansabha constituency in any state
Online Reputation Management for Politicians is the most valuable asset. That’s the reason politicians must only rely on robust & effective Politicians Reputation Management services
" We are committed to using the best practices and staying on top of the latest innovations in Political Campaigns. "
Raj Maurya,
What we do...
Political Campaign - RecoilLife

RECOILLIFE is the Best Political Campaigns management Company in Lucknow. We have extensive experience in developing and activating PR campaigns tailored to meet our clients’ unique business objectives. Our approach is to conceptualize and implement effective communication strategies with a clear understanding of Politician’s ’ vision. RECOILLIFE conducts primary and secondary research and does a thorough analysis of the target audience and Voters.

Political Campaign Success -Reacoillife

Target your voters with the latest digital advertising.

Get your campaign message in front of voters using Social Media, TV, desktop, tablet, and mobile.  RecoilLife uses AI, behavioral data and geographic targeting to serve your ads across the state and down to granular neighborhood audiences. Reach the voters you need to win!

Political Campaign Circle - RecoilLife
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