Digital Marketing Beginners to expert

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There are unlimited ways to do Marketing for your Products, businesses, or others. In Today’s Era, Two types of Marketing take place one is physical marketing and another one is Digital marketing. So let me explain the concept of Physical Marketing, Physical Marketing as the word physical defines the physical appearance which we can touch, see and feel also this is called physical and the way by which we can do marketing through physical appearance is called Physical marketing and it is also known as traditional marketing.

Why traditional marketing this type of marketing takes place for the last 1000 years, so this is too traditional, it took a lot of man force, High budget, and Time and it will never make the trigger build a sales cycle. Digital Marketing is in the same way as marketing but it will take place virtually, through digital platforms at social media platforms. Let’s discuss types of Digital Marketing, this is too huge but interesting Topic.

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Digital Marketing Benefits:-

a)     Save a lot of Time

b)    Save Too much money expend

c)     Low efforts

d)    High Growth

e)     Everyone can Afford digital marketing

f)     It is Simple and understandable

g)    High Return on Investments(ROI)

h)    Everything in your control in digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is two types Conversion Digital Marketing and another one is Recall Digital Marketing. Firstly discuss Conversion digital marketing deals with Direct Call To action to buy, enroll or visit your business on given single ads.

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And another one is Recall Digital Marketing deals with creating brand awareness or appearance in the consumer’s mind, if a future customer requires the products then they will buy your products and also refer someone to buy, or enroll in your products or services. Most brands use both types of Digital Marketing, But Let me discuss how many ways to do digital marketing in another article.

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